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The surfactor group (surfactor Germany GmbH including its subsidiaries) is a medium-sized company which successfully develops and manufactures surfaces for the wood-working industry for more than 80 years.

Our products and services are characterized by innovation, quality, punctuality and a high customer-value. A long-term relationship with our customers, a broad product range, profound technical and commercial competence as well as a solid equity base and a good liquidity are our resources for a long-term market perspective.

We acknowledge without exception fair competitive conduct and the observance of legal provisions. The operation of our activities is governed by the fundamental value of integrity. We have the demand to be successful in competition with others thanks to our innovation, quality, reliability, and fairness. We will decline any business which can only be carried out or completed through unlawful or unethical actions. Corruption, anticompetitive agreements, illegal employment, disclosure of business secrets, discrimination on grounds of racial or ethnic origin, gender, religion or belief as well as other unlawful actions are not compatible with our values and will not be accepted.

In order to ensure an ethical and lawful business practice we have laid down our binding principles in code of conduct guidelines. We expect our employees to familiarize themselves with our values and to act in accordance with these guidelines. We support our employees in providing training sessions and a contact person the employees can turn to any time in case of doubt.

We strive to minimize the volume of production-specific waste and production-specific resource consumption in order to minimize the environmental impacts. The need for responsible forestry for the extraction of raw materials is important. That is why we offer raw materials from responsible forestry to our customers.

To our employees we guarantee safety and health-related working conditions in accordance with the regulations of the state and the trade associations by consistently applying hazard analysis and improving all organizational units.

We will also apply our value orientation in the assessment of our current and potential business partners. Therefore, we encourage our suppliers and other partners to adhere to this value orientation within their area of influence.

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Compliance Guideline of Kajo Neukirchen Group

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