For various industries, we offer exclusive products with phenolic and melamine resins beyond common standards. These custom products need special expertise and experience in the handling of resins. Products in this segment are carefully engineered and fitted to our customers’ special needs. Especially for the construction, automotive and furniture production this product line is in high demand. We place a great value in the cooperation with our customers and in this manner, we achieve optimal results.

Precisely developed products for individual needs


surfactor offers tailor made surface films to increase the quality for different types of construction panels on the market.


A wide range of prints and colours can be created to meet your preferences, it’s more or less only your fantasy that sets the limits. We also offer the possibility for more surface patterns than ever before thanks to our own resin technology.

Building Elements

Thanks to the tailor made products for different types of panel products we not only contribute, we increase the possibility to use high quality Building elements for your needs.

Light Commercial Vehicle

surfactor offers a design oriented solution combined with high resistance for your plywood.


High-quality furniture coatings protect the surface and influence your well-being through sophisticated designs. We do our best to make you feel good.


The coordination of all details is the way to success. We are ready to implement your laminate requirements with our know-how.

Premium Cars

surfactor offers a wide range of glue films for various veneer applications in your “Trim parts“.

Cleaning Films

surfactor offers a cost efficient cleaning of chrome plated press and heat plates. Interested?